Current Work of Jane Veitch

Current Work of Jane Veitch

Jane Veitch: Artist’s Statement

Margins, edges, liminal spaces where identity is fluid and where rocks reduce to sand; these are the places which free me to engage and explore.  I am always drawn westwards to the coasts and islands of our archipelago.

The process of making in itself involves finding, losing, re-constituting.  To uncover or recover something from the layerings of materials and ideas is exciting.

Much of the work combines wet and dry media which facilitates this type of process.

The collaged pieces allow a moment of energetic physical response which is then torn up and re-assembled.  They become three-dimensional objects which claim space and cast a shadow of their own.

The river pieces are about one of the constant presences in my day to day life – always  moving on and trailing tales of wind and weather on the high Pennines, but occasionally bringing drama, excitement and chaos to our quiet valley.