Bronzes by Dennis Kilgallon

Bronzes by Dennis Kilgallon

Inspired by the landscape, architecture, antiquity and mythology Dennis Kilgallon’s sculpture is unique and thought provoking. He has over 40 years experience and his journey, which includes Art School in the sixties (he dropped out), stone carving, ceramic production management and education have all influenced a remarkable range of work. This eclectic approach has led to a body of knowledge and experience rarely encountered. His work is increasingly placed in interior settings where it provides a strong focal point. Dennis has shown work at Award winning gardens; Chelsea and Hampton Court. His work is mostly in high-fired stoneware, which is extremely resilient. Commissions are undertaken and can be produced in either bronze or ceramic.
In summer 2015 Dennis set up a new gallery, in the hills above Allenbanks, showing his and other artists’ work. Exhibitions change every 2 months to keep the gallery fresh. He has also recently returned to doing his own painting.

All bronzes are Limited Edition. Bronzes not at gallery prices, There is no gallery commission on these pieces, you could normally put an extra 100% at least on these prices. (click an image for higher quality resolution view)

‘Tumberling I’ – Edition No2 – Size: 230 cm Length x 150 cm Depth/Height – Price: [Sold].

‘Space Is The Place’ – Edition No1 – Size: 285 cm Length x 150 cm Depth x 330 cm Height – On Black Onyx block – Price: £925 [excluding delivery].

‘Mothership’ – Edition No1 – Size: 365 cm Height x 180 cm Width x 100 cm Depth – Includes Black Onyx block – Price: £795 [excluding delivery].

‘DAEDALUS’ – Edition No16 & No17 of 20 [18, 19, &20 to be cast] – Size: 530 cm Height x 445 cm Width x 120 Depth – Includes Limestone plinth – Price: £1800 [excluding delivery].

‘Galatae’ – Edition No4 of 5 (This piece can be viewed from both sides) – Size: 715 cm Height 370 cm Width x 490 cm Depth – includes Black Onyx plinth – Price: £1800 [excluding delivery].

‘Tumberling II’ – Size: 750 cm Height x 460 cm x 300 cm Width/Depth – On Solid Bronze plinth – POA