Welcome to The Gallery in The Hills brought to you courtesy of Dennis Kilgallon. The website is a showcase for some of the work and does not have a selling function (POA), because the work needs to be seen, and in some cases touched, to be fully appreciated. Come along to get the full experience of the beautiful landscape and be inspired by talented artists’ work. My own work and other artists’ drawings, paintings, sculpture and ceramics is shown and is for sale from the Gallery. View examples of work and the high quality of the exhibitions in our Exhibitions section. Exhibitions run from 1st March to mid November. Our winter exhibition, which shows a collection of work from previous artists, is available to view but an appointment must be made. Details on Contact page.

Exhibition: Click “Play” on Video Preview showing the work of John Fowler

Interested in buying any work? please click the main page for Work of John Fowler Video Preview and Food Bank donation here. 25% of purchase will be donated to West Northumberland Food Bank.

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