Work of Elizabeth, Neil & Nigel Talbot

Work of Elizabeth, Neil & Nigel Talbot

Sat/Sun 1st July to 27th August 11-5pm.

Elizabeth Talbot: Artist Statement

My interest lies primarily in the potential of landscape drawing and painting to express feeling and mood. I am drawn especially to the complexity of trees and woodland and a sense of looking through and beyond into the distance. I take inspiration from being in the countryside but I don’t usually seek to represent particular locations. I feel free to use a range of source materials including observation, photographs and invention and by a process of gradually building up each drawing or painting mark by mark, layer by layer, I arrive at a final image.

Neil Talbot: Artist Statement

To date, much of my work has been in relief carving in stone. More recently, I have developed themes using the particular qualities of iron, bronze and slate.

These themes and meanings are those of nature versus the man made, how man impacts upon the natural. They also represent reflection, the positive and the negative as well as aggression, be it passive or active. Reflection is also portrayed in the bronzes that are based on the works of Fra Angelico.

Nigel Talbot: Artist Statement

To begin with, I can’t bring myself to call myself an artist. To me an artist is someone with a deep and wide knowledge of art, art history, different art movements and has practised in their field for a long time. I haven’t. I only began painting anything other than emulsion on walls or ceilings in 2017 so I am still exploring what I can and can’t do.

I have attended some courses at Newcastle Arts Centre, drawing classes with local artist Jenny Purrett and more lately, painting classes with another local artist Enrique Azocar.

I have always enjoyed going around galleries and museums and some of my work is influenced by things I have seen. What I have found interesting are the backgrounds in some of the paintings, especially renaissance paintings. Some of the backgrounds are just bonkers and I like that. I also like still life paintings just for the calm that they can represent.