Work of Lisa Delarny

Work of Lisa Delarny

Lisa Delarny: Sculptor

Artist Statement

My work is primarily about the expressive power of the body.  From a small hand gesture to the subtle shifting of weight when the body is in motion, or the gentle angle of the head.  A universal language that bridges race, age, gender and time.  The abstract expressions of dance and mime have been a continuous inspiration.

I rarely use models as I find it too restrictive.  I want the work to express how a movement or gesture physically feels not how it simply looks.  I feel Art should speak for it self.

After studying sculpture at Canterbury Art School, Lisa has continued to develope her work, and has nurtured a very distinct and unique way of handling the subject of the human figure which is instantly recognisable. When one considers the wide use of this subject matter, one realises this is quite an achievement!

She has a life size bronze sculpture in the Theatre Royal in Newcastle, A 30ft painting in the Queen Elizebeth Hospital in Gateshead and work in a medical centre there too. Where again instantly you can see that the same hand at work.

She has exhibited widely and has work in many private collections. Galleries Such as Chalk Farm Gallery and The Roy Miles Gallery in Bruton Street London, regularly Showed her work. Plus numerous Galleries in Newcastle, Penrith, Sommerset, Scotland, and Canterbury. Also undertaking portrait commissions.

At present her studio is in the Rowlands Gill area where she has a former church Hall which provides ample work space, for kilns and equipment.