Work of Steph Jamieson

Work of Steph Jamieson

Steph Jamieson

Artist Statement

I live and work in the North Pennines. I have always loved wilderness and desert like landscapes with their hidden diversity. Changes made by human activities, settlement, agriculture and mining are scratched on the surface of these lands. This collection of work, Smoke Fired, Garden and Figures are distinct but connected and reflect my love of texture.

Smoke Fired Work

My smoke fired vessels are of simple forms that reflect geology and archaeology and capture a moment when a stone or pebble has been picked up, changed by man, used and discarded to return back to the earth. Each
piece is unique, hand built, formed carved and burnished. Colours are achieved by the careful use of slips, oxides and salt during the firing process.

Garden Ceramics

This work of garden vessels reflect my interest in texture, I often use natural materials, slate, shale, and oxides to colour the raw surface before marking and stretching the clay. This process gives the impression of erosion by the
forces of time, seas, weather and man. These vessels are high fired in a wood kiln and are frost proof.


Texture features again in my clay figures. These were initially begun in response to a charity auction. They are not about specific people but their anonymity allows us to identify for ourselves familiar individuals. Built up
carefully from the base, each component part is made from thin slabs marked by rolling clay onto textured fabric or clay molds. Once assembled other elements are added giving each piece a unique character.