Dennis Kilgallon Ceramic Sculptures

Dennis Kilgallon Ceramic Sculptures

If you don’t already know I have stopped doing anymore ceramics, so what you see here are the last ones in that material however I can do them in Bronze?

Please watch my Dennis Kilgallon Ceramic Sculptures Video Preview showing items available to buy. As you watch the video please take a note of any work you would like to purchase.

You can also check out a better image on our gallery below.

Text, phone or email if you want to make a purchase. We will operate a first come first served basis. Do not send any payment until we can confirm you are first. This applies to all pieces.

Items already SOLD:

(Total raised so far for Food Bank: £1500)

[SOLD] 2x RiverGod – Ref: Artscu24

[SOLD] 1x ICON II [three left] – Ref: DKSCU

[SOLD] 1x Tower [splash] – Ref: DKSCU7

[SOLD] 1x Athenian Horse [one left] – Ref: DKSCU19

[SOLD] 1x Flowerhead [brown] – Ref: DKSCU18

[SOLD] 1x DOME, black with ribbing – Ref: DKSCU13

[SOLD] 1x FLOWERHEAD, black glaze – Ref: DKSCU16

[SOLD] 1x TOWER, Green/red – Reference: DKSCU9

Click on an individual image below for better quality/more info and Please scroll down to bottom of the page for payment bank details.

If you pay the GALLERY, the Food Bank can claim ‘GIFT AID’ this will add 25% to your donation but if you still prefer you can pay % directly to the Food Bank yourself.

This offer of 25% 0ff Gallery price will finish on Sunday 5th JULY. The donation to the Food Banks will continue for the present

Payment Bank Details


Dennis Kilgallon Sculpture
Account name: Dennis Kilgallon Sculpture
Sort Code: 30-94-19
Account no: 24116168

West Northumberland Food Bank
To make a donation directly them their bank details are:
Account name: West Northumberland Food Bank
Sort Code: 608301
Account no: 20336657