Work of Glynnis Carter

Work of Glynnis Carter

Sat/Sun 2nd Mar to 28th Apr 11am-5pm. Open during the week by appointment.

Glynnis Carter: Artist Statement

I have been painting full time for the past 20 years after completing a Foundation course at Northumbria University followed by a Fine Art degree at Sunderland University. I work on canvas and use a combination of painting, printing and collage, laying down textures and sometimes incorporating organic matter – crushed charcoal, rust particles.

I always have several paintings in progress and pour different paint solutions onto the canvases allowing them to create texture and form.

The work is from memory so, when making a painting I want to evoke the feeling of being in the landscape rather than making a realistic image of a particular place. The finished work is influenced by my thought processes whilst making it.

In some of the paintings there is a feeling of being challenged by the weather conditions, in others a sense of isolation or of solitude.

The viewer’s response to a painting is personal and unique. It may be entirely different from what the artist felt whilst making the work. Always I want the viewer to bring their own experiences and emotions to the work and to find their own landscape.