Work of Tyne Valley Artist Group 24

Work of Tyne Valley Artist Group 24

Sat/Sun 4th May to 30th Jun 11am-5pm. Open during the week by appointment.

Carole Thirlaway: Printermaker

Carole is a printmaker, mixed media artist and poet who works from her home in the Tyne Valley. She uses a variety of media, but mainly wood engravings, to express her love of the environment and poetry. She has created work influenced by the beauty and history of Northumberland and its bird life.

Carole has recently created a body of work inspired by the life and poetry of William Wordsworth. Her wood engravings are displayed, and for sale, in Wordsworth Grasmere (Dove Cottage). She is now illustrating poems by Cumbrian poet, Norman Nicholson.

Carole has exhibited in a number of galleries and venues including The Gallery in the Hills, Haslem’s of Hallgate, Hexham, The Sill, The Flat Cat Gallery, The Forge, Allendale, The Holy Biscuit, and Woodhorn Museum.

Email: / Facebook: Carole Thirlaway – Thyme Cottage Artworks. / Mobile: 07906635706

Ray Quickfall: Painter

The heart of Newcastle, where the ancient meets the contemporary, is where I find my inspiration as an artist. My paintings delve into the dynamic urban cityscape of this vibrant city, trying to capture its spirit and soul.

I seek to convey the rythmic harmony of tradition and centuries old structures with the fluidity and transparency of watercolour, charcoal and contè. From the Tyne Bridge to the bustling Quayside I try to evoke a sense of familiarity and connection to the eye of the viewer.

This capturing of the play of light and shadow also applies to my paintings of the beautiful landscapes and seascapes of Northumberland and beyond the borders of England.

I have recently had the opportunity to produce portraits of some of the most beautiful woman from the Limpopo region of South Africa and have endeavoured to capture not only their beauty but also their characters.

Gillian McGinley: Glass Casting

Gillian McGinley is a glass artist specialising in architectural glass and fused glass who lives and works in Gateshead.

Gillian enjoys creating fused glass inspired by nature’s ever changing colours. Each fused piece is individual; no two are ever the same. Materials react differently every time in the kiln, despite being fired under the same conditions and this is what excites Gillian as an artist.

Her current landscape pieces are inspired by memories of travels to places in France and others closer to home.

Gillian also specialises in traditional and bespoke leaded windows incorporating techniques such as sandblasting and glass staining and has worked with many schools and community projects throughout the North East creating windows for their environment.

Gillian has taught adult courses at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland for the last twenty years.

Rose Furlonger: Artist Statement

My interest in making masks and puppets originates from my career teaching performing arts to students from entry level to degree level. I made masks for student performances, then 1discovered that many students were also interested in making masks and studying mask performance. When I retired from full time teaching, I became a professional mask and puppet maker, making masks for schools, colleges and theatre companies, and facilitating mask making and performance projects, with many leading to largescale multi school performances. in recent years I have been exhibiting some of my work, and after many requests, started making ceramic masks too, which has led to other experiments in ceramics. Examples of both wearable and ceramic masks, depicting a variety of characters from ancient history, folk myths and theatre, will be included in this exhibition.

For me, making a mask is a thoroughly enjoyable experience; getting to grips with a large lump of clay and watching a character emerge, then either firing it to make a decorative object, or using it as a mould on which to create a performance or carnival mask!
In recent years I have returned to drawing for the first time in ages, creating images of animals and birds I encounter whilst walking in the Northumbrian countryside, drawn onto maps of my travels, and some of these will form part of the exhibition.

Shiela Smith: Artist Statement

I have drawn as long as I can remember and this love eventually led to painting and a BA hons degree.
My favourite subjects are people and flowers. I work mainly in oil on canvas but occasionally venture into other mediums.
This exhibition contains some of my flower paintings. I have a love of Parrot Tulips and buy a selection each year and can’t wait until they bloom. My latest painting is of a new tulip named Rasta. It certainly lives up to its name. It almost shouts out “Look at me”.
Enjoy the exhibition.